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Here Are Some Easter Eggs That Come Along With Tesla Cars

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There are a lot of Easter eggs that I would like to talk about in this guide about tesla cars. Well, we cannot exactly talk about Tesla car features without mentioning the Easter eggs. There are a lot of applications that you can find in the system that is available on the car. Let us have a look at a couple of the best ones that I would like to mention.

1. The very first one that I would like to talk about is a nice one. Your kids may actually like this one. The car will make a range of many different fart noises, almost anywhere in the entire cabin, thanks to the spectacular sound system that is installed. Your children can actually make it seem that somebody has farted in the car. But, you need to know that the car cannot make any smells appear. I feel that this is a very funny feature that Tesla has included.

Tesla Cars2. There is also something called the romance mode. If you are closing out an evening of date night, you can actually turn it, and a burning log fire will appear on the main screen. You will also get a little warm, because of the temperature control system. There is a music option that you can turn on as well.

3. Another awesome thing that Tesla cars let you do is play arcade games with the help of the steering wheel and the computer that is available inside. The computer is absolutely spectacular. It gives you a wide variety of options where you can play multiple arcade games.

4. You can even watch Netflix and other streaming platforms with the help of the large screen that is available.

5. You don’t even need a child lock. There is a standard child lock on the rear doors of the Tesla so that your little ones don’t end up opening the door. But, after speeds of 5 mph, no doors will actually be operational. This means that you cannot actually open the doors of the car, until it has come to a complete stop. Everybody is safe at all times. This feature will actually be a problem in just one instance. If there is a carjacking happening, there is absolutely no escape until and unless the vehicle is at a complete halt. Given that there will be an over the air update for this issue, the doors will not open until the vehicle is not moving.

6. Unlike most other cars, where you will have to put your foot on the break and come to a standstill, you can actually tell your Tesla to go into reverse mode, while it is still moving forward. The car will automatically come to a halt and then start reversing.

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